Guilty Pleasures

Alright, so I’ve always had an opinion on this and over the past few years I’ve debated with people time and time again to justify my guilty pleasure and once again I’m doing it.

If you don’t know I have a huge guilty pleasure and it is crappy reality TV; I don’t watch all of it but I do watch my fair share including: Keeping up with the Kardashians, Teen Mom and Duck Dynasty!

I watch it, I talk about it and I even follow some of the cast on twitter.  Now I have two issues when it comes to my guilty pleasure and what people say about it

First, watching these shows does not make me dumber! One person on my Facebook posted that “Ingesting” shitty media like that (any reality TV), will indeed make you dumber, as it primes your brain to remember useless information.” IF that is in fact true then listening to music makes me dumber and so does watching movies because I’m pretty sure 90% of my brain is useless information, that is what I am know for! I know you can argue that the movies or songs may have more sustaining content then my shows do, but not that much more.

Second, I could argue that there are tons of different television shows out there that could be more mind numbing and pointless that reality television, but I don’t watch it so I’m not bothered by it. I don’t understand why some people get so up in arms about reality television, I understand it may not be something you enjoy, but obviously there is a mass market out there that likes it, and the networks are ranking in those dollars.

It’s like me saying that something I hate is ridiculous and a waste of money and makes you dumber, to be honest I hate Final Fantasy…every single aspect of it, but I don’t tell people they are dumb or beneath me because they enjoy it, and I don’t vent and rant about how it’s been going on for how many years and how many millions of dollars are put into making the newest FF 1,890,000….or something like that.

My point is, it does not make me dumber! I’m sure if all I did was watch mind numbing television for 20 hours a day and do nothing else, I may be dumb. But if I was to watch Teen Mom every week, or a marathon of Duck Dynasty but IQ is not going to drop just because I saw it. I understand that it may not be some peoples cut of tea, but I don’t enjoy being looked at as someone who is beneath you just because I can tell you what’s going on with Kim Khloe and Kourtney, it’s a guilty pleasure it’s one thing that I enjoy even though it’s not the greatest, that doesn’t mean you can judge me or anyone else on that one thing and call us dumb.

Rant over.


The Other Side of The Scale

This is a rather personal topic that I’ve thought about a lot over the past few years. I just want to say that it is completely my own opinions and I’m fine with people disagreeing or having a sour look about what I’m about it say. It has nothing to do with work or school is have to deal with bullying and being a tiny stick thin teenager.

Since I can remember I have been super skinny, finally at the age of 24 I can start to see “meat on my bones” and I have something that resembles curves. I’ve always been skinny enough that you could see my hip bones, my shoulder blades, my ribs and every other bone that has a point to it. I’ve always been this skinny without trying. I know some people are reading this thinking “Omg shut up you’re skinny, you’re lucky, get over yourself”, I have no problem being skinny that’s not my issue. My issue is what comes from being naturally skinny in a world like ours.

Since I was about 10 I always had people ask me “Do you even eat?” “How are you so skinny?”, most of these are meant to have a compliment feel to them, and some time they did. Then when I entered into middle school it wasn’t so much a compliment as  an alarming caution. “How are you so skinny” turned into “Are you anorexic?” I remember being asked that the first time, or no I think I was more TOLD it, “Oh my you’re so skinny you look anorexic” was how it was phrased a believe and I just stood there wide eyed thinking what do I say? How do I respond to such a comment.

It made me feel disgusting, how could anyone think that I had an eating disorder? I ate everyday and people saw me eat, I just couldn’t gain weight ever. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

I feel like a lot of people don’t see how it feels to be on the other side of the scale, the side that tells you, you are too skinny, you’re unhealthy, you don’t look right, you’re suppose to have meat on your bones, everyone else is getting hips and curves, why aren’t you. I also feel like many people don’t want to sympathize with the fact that the media has a negative affect on skinny people too.

Today I see gossip magazines with headlines saying that whatever hot celebrity has an eating disorder because they are skinny and it makes me want to cry. It’s the same as calling someone fat, it’s rude and unfair and just mean. You can’t assume something about someone just by looking at them, you have no idea what they go through, why they are the way they are or what they eat for a matter of fact, as someone who eats McDonald at least 3 times a week and can finish a large meal and still want ice cream after, I know that you can’t judge me just by my waist size.

When this first started affecting me the clash of skinny and fat wasn’t as large as it is today, we didn’t have thinspiration tumblrs or online gossip websites blasting who had gained too much weight and who was looking too skinny. I just see it getting worse, and I don’t want anyone to have to go through the feelings and guilt that I felt for being on the “too skinny” side.

The Work Break-up

This isn’t some post about breaking up with your co-worker. That’s something completely different that I don’t have any advice on. I did it once, but I don’t think it counts since I was 16 and we worked at McDonald’s together. It sucked to break up, but that is not what I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about the dreaded “I QUIT”. There are different types of “I QUIT” situations, there is:

1) The “what do you mean you’re firing me, you can’t fire me, I QUIT”

2)The after 15 back-breaking under appreciated years “I QUIT”

3) The “Listen we know you’ve been stealing from us, so we can make this easy”….” OK…I quit”

And finally 4) the “Oh my god, I love this place and everyone here, but I found a new job that is amazing and it is going to benefit me and give me so much more experience in my career path I’m really sorry I have to do this I quit” ( Just a note, you have to say that quote in one breath without trying to cry to get the full effect”

That people is what I like to call “The Work Break-up” and I had to do it at my last job.

No one really teaches you how to quit, they teach you have to interview and write a resume but the quitting part seems to be forgotten. It’s such a hard thing to do someone needs to train people on how to do it, especially when you are me and 1) hate having people mad at you and 2) can’t deal with any type of conflict without having a nervous finger clenching twitch.

This is why I look at the “I QUIT” as a break up. You are ending your relationship with a company and your co-workers, you still want to remain friends and have a good reference from them and you also want to tell them that it’s nothing they did you just want different things….pretty much sounds like every line you tell your ex-boyfriend, and like most break ups you mean it.

So how to do go about doing this without crying or freaking out? You have to plan, and not do anything irrational or crazy. I remember when I found out I got my new job I was happy for about 30 seconds then all I could think about was how I would have to tell my boss I needed to quit. So I started planning what I was going to say, I talked to my parents about it and went over all the outcomes that could happen. I figured out what I needed to say and how to act before I even mentioned anything to my boss.

So that is the way you have to look at it, it’s a break up…it’s not the end of the world, when you finally get up the nerve to tell your boss you have found something else out there. Chances are they will understand and want what is best for you, you just have to be prepared and not let your emotions take over.

I think it this case “Le’s just be friends” will work out for the best 🙂

“Negative Nancy’s”

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that people tend to tell me I’m to negative when it comes to outcomes or life. While that may be true, I’m starting to get tired of defending why I’m negative once in awhile. I don’t think I should have to tell people why I react the way I do, I don’t go around and ask people why they are so happy or positive about outcomes or life.

I’m not looking for everything to be depressing or gloomy, most of the time I’m happy and positive just like everyone else. I’m just stating that I feel that it is okay to be a “negative Nancy” every so often.

Sometimes you just have to be negative, sometimes you can’t see the silver lining no matter how hard you try. Even though you can’t see it right now, doesn’t mean it’s not there, I get that and I completely understand that.

Where I always get frustrated is when people tell me I’m wrong for being negative and that it’s bad. It’s not BAD, for some people it’s more realistic for them, and for some it’s how they are programmed so you can’t just tell someone that their outlook be it negative is “wrong” or “bad” just because you look at it differently.

Emotions are not like math problems, there isn’t one right answer, and being “negative” isn’t the wrong answer.

So from now on when someone calls me “negative” or “pessimistic” or “Nancy” I’m just going to say “Yes I am, and I’m completely okay with it.” No explanation, no defending.

Being the “New Girl”


Being the new girl is always nerve racking and so stressful. My first day of work was just as horrible as my first day when i switched schools in grade 5. After the first few months I’ve realized that being the new girl at work, is the same as being the new girl at school.

When you are the new girl, or boy, people are going to be very nice and want to take you under their wing and show you the ropes, they are genuine about helping you out because they know it’s a big crazy new place for you.

There are also people who are going to be a little put off by you and may stare at you from a far, to make sure you’re good enough to be here.

And there will be some people that are just not amused by your presence at all.

There isn’t really anyway to change this, but there are things you can do to make being the new girl a little easier on yourself. It seems to have worked for me, at least I think, who actually knows what my co-workers say about me when I’m not around ha-ha.

First off, just be friendly and try not to be too shy. It’s hard to meet a bunch of people all at once, but as long as you keep your cool and are nice when you meet everyone they will have a pretty good first impression of you.

Don’t do anything too ballsy right away…I have a tendency to burp out loud…really loud…all the time, I know it’s not a super amazing quality, but I’ve made sure not to do that in front of my co-workers because well it’s not polite. Same goes for swearing or any other quirks that may give people the wrong impression.

Don’t get into the office drama, people in the work place like to gossip and the last thing you want to do is get trapped in some office political rat race during your first week. You want everyone to have a good first impression of you, and same goes for everyone else, don’t let office rumors form the impressions.

Do ask questions! For my first week at work I was terrified to ask anyone, anything because I assumed they thought I knew everything. Well turns out after my first little hiccup with a project one of my co-workers told me “well of course you wouldn’t know how to do that, you should have asked us, we know you’re new.” You’re only “new” for so long so ask those questions right away, because once you’re “old” people aren’t going to be forgiving when you mess up.

On that note, don’t be afraid to mess up, everyone does it. I think for the first month here my opening line every time I talked to some one was, “I’m sorry but…” or “I don’t mean to bug you but…” and all my emails signed off with “I’m sorry”. I was apologizing all the time, and I wasn’t even apologizing for a reason. I was just scared that I was annoying people with my questions, so I apologizes.

You have to realize that everyone you work with was new once, and everyone you work with still makes mistakes just like you. It’s normal and it’s going to happen but until it does you have to stop worrying so much about it.

So after two months, I finally feel a bit better about being the “new girl”, I just can’t wait until someone new starts so I lose the title of the “new one”.